Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little little

Ocoee has always been a big time babbler. Lately I hear 'little, little" a lot coming from her. She also said snow and pointed to the snow flake on her shirt and then the snowflake stained glass in her window.

Little, little is unbelievable adorable. She is also smart, kind and cuddly. We try not to focus so much on her adorableness since we don't want to raise a kid focused on her looks or charm, but her hard work and character.

But really she is so dang cute!

She holds her hands together and tilts her head and we are just like,  ugh your so adorable and I just want to cuddle you.

It has just been a good week with her. She is really having fun around the house and loves to put on her apron, get in her kitchen helper stand and help cook. She taste everything I put out...including whole elephant garlic which made her wipe her tongue. She takes the things I chop and places them in the bowl. Another favorite thing is to help daddy go get eggs.....we call it an egg hunt and she hates if he goes with out her.

We are truly blessed.


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