Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend

For Easter this year Ocoee was ready to go for egg hunting. All the days getting eggs from the chicken house really paid off and she is semi-obsessed with egg hunting now. She has to have her rain boots on and her egg basket in hand. She has made up a sign language symbol for basket and calls egg "negs". And she says this all the time and is always ready for a hunt!

The Easter bunny brought Ocoee new books, smart wool socks, puzzles and a few other cute things. She was jazzed to go through her basket and look at her new books. We have a legitimate book worm on our hands. There were a few chocolate Easter eggs that she enjoyed in wrapping and then giving to us. I truly can't imagine how we pass so many germs around this house :).

We had a few friends over for an easy brunch and Easter egg hunt in the park. Easter in Alaska means full snow gear and looking out for moose. We were socked in with fog in the morning but the afternoon cleared to perfect blue skies.

At the park we all smashed confetti stuffed eggs and I realized even though Easter isn't a religious holiday for us-it is a celebration of spring, renewal and the fact we survived another winter!

I'll post nice photos soon but for now here are a few shots.


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