Monday, April 22, 2013

Ocoee's first haircut

On Saturday Ocoee received her first haircut. This normally would have been a huge event but really all I did was snip a one inch lock off her bangs.

The hair was frizzy and oddly long so the new cut really does show off her face. We kept her tiny snippet of hair for her scrap book and then gave her a shampoo and condition with mummy's aveda products.

We may never go back to the organic baby shampoo! Her hair looked so much healthier and nice. Even hubby who thinks hair and women are a mystery agreed!

My salon bill just got higher. One thing I love is that when Ocoee got dropped off for daycare her teacher notice her hair cut right away. We literally made one snip with the scissors-just goes to show the right haircut goes a long way.

Best thing is now her hair stay always from her snotty little nose :)


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