Friday, April 26, 2013


We love Ocoee's daycare and on Friday's I get to drop Ocoee off because it is my day to go into work late. We spend a morning together at not crazy person speed, where I kiss her as I rush out the door, already late. Instead I enjoy a pot of tea, she eats her boca's and pickles (yummy combo) and we listen to music. I also get to spend a few minutes chatting with the ladies who teach in her room at daycare. It was funny this week because they told me that Ocoee is getting to be the bossy kid....they said it in nicer terms but that is what they meant. When I told hubby, he laughed and said I wonder where she gets it. I responded that I get paid to be teachers we have to direct 35 hormonal tweens, you tend to be bossy.

I actually think she is mimic how we treat the dogs. We are often telling them out of the kitchen, outside, don't eat Ocoee's food, sit, stay....think about how bossy you are to your animals. Unless you have cats :) So she is treating the kiddos at school like a nice way.

She also went 3 days without a proper bath. We let her skip a bath one night because it was late and then she realized she could miss a bath she then refused to take one for 3 nights. I did some sponge baths to help with her stink factor but how funny is that.....she is rebelling!

Everyday bring new adventures and joys with you my lovely Ocoee.


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