Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ocoee is currently obsessed with jackets. This makes sense since I sorta have a jacket issue as well. Not into purses or shoes too much but a jacket not only is fun for fashion but serves a higher purpose to keep you warm and safe, almost like a wearable metaphor for comfort and protection.

Her current jacket was a gift from her grandparents and has a large frog head on it. The jacket is still too big but she found it the closet where I had it stashed for when she gets bigger. I think that is also part of the thrill. She loves getting things I have hidden out.

Everyday her dad talk about how quickly she changes and grows. Her language skills are crazy right now with her singing, scolding the dogs and us, and using 3-5 words together in a sentence. She gets shy around others when we are out and about and then when we get in the car she tells us everything she was thinking and didn't say.....an interesting mix of me, who talks all the time and her padre who is more reserved and less chatty.

She really loves to help me cook and always tastes or smells what I am using. We always take the time to go through the spices and let her smell them. She accidentally sniffed too hard on the pepper and was upset that she then had an itchy nose. I hope she continues to be brave and try new things.

She also loves animals and makes all the animal sounds. We roar, moo and neigh a lot in our house these days. I am sure she will love going to the zoo now, compared to when she was younger and would just snooze in the stroller at the Oregon zoo and Nashville zoo.

Our house is filled with celebrations this week. Today is our anniversary, 8 years of marriage! I feel truly lucky that our marriage has grown stronger and and our love deeper. We are each others support and best friends. My in-laws are celebrating 40 years in a month and it is joyous to see relationships that stand the tests of time.

My brother is also flying up for the first time to visit us in Alaska. We have a big weekend of fishing and kayaking in Seward planned. On Sunday, we celebrate my birthday and mothers' day. I  love this time of year because spring is here and all of these events make for a festive atmosphere.

Happy May!!


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