Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letters to Ocoee

I am not someone who likes to be alone. I usually find a way to be in the middle of things even when it comes to seating. I don't like to feel left out. I love big crowds and events. With you in my life I have felt a shift in this habit. I often love our quiet time together. When it is just you and I and no distractions I am at complete peace. I remember a friend, Tahya, emailing me when you were born that she missed late night wake ups because how quiet the house was and the one on one time with the baby. I didn't really appreciate this until now. Being with you is the closet thing to being alone and yet completely connected at the same time I can imagine. You are learning new words and actions very day. If I say a word these days you say it back. I want time to slow down so I can marvel at life and you. You my dear Ocoee are so wonderfully and beautifully made!

Love always

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  1. So very sweet! I still miss those late night feedings and cuddling!