Monday, May 27, 2013

Mary Poppins play review

We subscribe to the anchorage concert association and pick 4-5 events to attend each year. We sometimes add on a few throughout the year and also have been going to some youth theater with Ocoee. She loves the plays and always sits and pays close attention. 

This year's highlight was Mary Poppins. We have been looking forward to t all year. We picked an afternoon show so Ocoee    would be well rested. We had 4th row tickets and a few kids in front of us so the view was great for ocoee. We tossed all her stuff in her seat and she plopped in my lap a few minutes before the curtain rose. 

The show was, like Mary herself, practically perfect in every way! The casting was spot on and the color and lights were a feast for the eyes. It was worth every penny. I loved the messages that the play hit on, having fun and joy in your life, spending time with your kids, treating your toys and others kindly and money's value being in how you spend it. 

There were some amazing magical moments when Bert danced on the ceiling of the theater, Mary's umbrella flying and the park transformation. The special effects they pulled off were engineering feats! 

Ocoee indulged in her first chocolate milk and I had a glass of Pinot before the show. They also allow pre-orders for intermission so our fruit plate, wine and chocolate milk were waiting for us. We stepped outside into the glass walk way and had a quick mini picnic before heading back in for act 2. 

I was worried Ocoee would fall asleep but the show held her attention and she stayed riveted the whole time. Three hours is a lot for a 20 month old! We got home and she feel asleep before 6. Tired little lovely. 

I am extremely happy she enjoys theater as much as I do and I am going to begin picking next seasons play today since I received the new season schedule. 

The show was simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


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