Thursday, May 16, 2013

Uncle Dede

Ocoee has a really cute habit of creating a roll call, where she identifies everyone around her. Mama, Dada, Brobro (Brodie dog) Ness (Guiness dog) and now Uncle Dede for Uncle Dale.

She also gets worked up and says your name over and over if you are out of her sight. This week she has had lots of time with Uncle Dede. This makes me very happy because family time is hard to come by when you live in Alaska.

We were all able to spend time in Seward, visit the baby polar bear at the zoo, play at the Imaginarium in the museum, and enjoy having Uncle Dede around. He was able to take her into daycare, change diapers and give her a bath. All these things will add to the memories we made last year when visiting Tennessee.

As the movie Anvil says, "Family, it's heavy sh*t man!"

 Uncle Dede and Ocoee at the Zoo

 Ocoee rocking her new bear hat from Grandaddy in Tennesseee.

 Trapped in a giant bubble at the Imaginarium.

All three of us picking out animal hats.

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