Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun with love bug

The whole family went to see the junior theater production of Winnie the Pooh on Sunday. Ocoee exclaimed Bear! When pooh first come out. We don't have any Pooh books and she has never watched a show but she still seemed to like all the plush character and she loves plays. We head go the big show of Mary Poppins on Sunday. 

Ocoee and all of our animals have special bonds. She misses Love dog and spends lots of time taking care of Brodie. She covers his up with cloth napkins and hugs and climbs all over him. He tolerates it all by just laying there and I secretly think he enjoys all the attention. When you ask her what doggies do she pants because Brodie is a big time panter!

Nodstroms had a big sale and Ocoee scored new sandals and other cute gear. We love a sale! She likes Nordys because they won her over with a pink balloon. Sneaky!

School is officially out after tomorrow! Can't wait to have all summer with love bug! We head to Juneau, Alaska next week and I just booked a trip to Phoenix, Arizona in July. It will be so hot!! Can't wait-our Alaska bodies need some heat. 

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