Friday, May 10, 2013

Safety Spot for Moms

My lovely friend Tam sent this today (she is a treasure chest of great ideas, old and new). It was so good I decided to share.

I have had anxiety now that Ocoee is mobile about cars and especially parking lots. This magnet would allow for her to have a safe spot to be and fun for her while being peace of mind for me.

The kiddo places their hand in the safety spot and you get unloaded with items in and out of the car while they stay safe. This could be any sticker or magnet really but you can order this one from Amazon for 8.99. I already added one to my cart!

Any other cool safety ideas out there? I always tell Ocoee safety first when buckle her into her car seat and we make clicking sounds together. She loves making sounds no matter what the occasion is!


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