Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer bucket list

Summer starts for me in 7 days. Next Friday I will bust out of the doors of the school ready for a nice long summer break. My book club girls and I will get together for drinks, manis  and pedis to celebrate retirements, graduations and last day of work! I simply can not wait!!

In anticipation I have made a bucket list of things I want to do. Most are simple but those are the things that make me happy. I look forward to recharging my batteries, reconnecting with my hubby and loving Ocoee more.

Work out more
Color run with friends
Hike, new ones and old ones
Head north for Nancy lake Camping
Spend time in Homer
Visit Fairbanks
Travel to Denali National Park
Photo shoots with Ocoee, especially when grandparents are in town.
Bike rides with new bike trailer
Use Zoo/Museum pass
Read tons of books
Visit the beach and have picnics
Picnics with hubby at lunch
Walk coastal trail, feed ducks
Make matching earrings for all my lost least try!
Get hair did :)
Plant more ferns in garden
Kayak portage and whittier
Spend time with Sarah when she is in
Catch up with friends and meet new babies
Long relaxing lunches
Cook with no rushing, try new recipes

What will you do this summer? Many of my friends have big trips to Europe or back to the lower 48. We have Juneau coming up and then lots of other Alaska trips but nothing out of state.....unless I can't take the weather and book a flight outta here to the sun. As I speak it is snowing and very un-summer like.


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