Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My digital baby book

So the rush of hormones that come with pregnancy have inspired me to keep record of all these crazy, but sort of magical changes that have been happening. I am four months behind so here is a quick update. My hubby and I decided to start trying the whole breeder thing in December and the timing worked out that we conceived on Christmas Eve in Maui. Of course I didn't know we succeeded because I was convinced no one gets pregnant on their first try. After a late night yelling fest at my husband he said, "your pregnant, take a test" and sure enough I was pregnant!

Since I had some issues in the past I am deemed high risk which made me worry a ton. I gave up worrying for lent as any non-practicing good Catholic girl with the middle name Marie would, and I have been worrying less. The upside to this is that I have had like 6 ultrasounds already. Even the cool/creepy 4-D ones....though my husband argues there is no such thing as 4-D. The bambino has been doing well and I am through the horrible morning sickness phase....though I must be a complete wimp because I never threw up, just felt like I was going to all the time!

The hubby has been wonderful through this all. Here is a list of the great things he has done to prove he will be a great dad.

1. Instituted nightly root beer floats starting at week 5 of pregnancy. He actually got up in the middle of the night and was like I think you want ice cream I am going to the store for it.....not really my craving at the time but we are both addicted now.

2. Tells me often your not getting fatter, your getting more pregnant.

3. Actually let me talk him into reading a book to the bambino in the growing bump.

4. Bought me a super expensive prenatal education system even though he is "skeptical" at the results.

5. Has let me pick really cool though unusual names without a word of protest.

Ok this is enough to get you caught up. Welcome to my blog!!!

Janelle Fey


  1. Oh boy I am so excited for your blog!!

  2. So is the picture from Hawaii? On the date in question? :P

    Great update. Can't wait to see this little one!

  3. I rarely threw up either - just felt like I would every day! My last pregnancy the nausea lasted 100 days. I called it my "100 Days of Nausitude." :) Tam

  4. Congratulations Mike and Janelle....we are so happy for you. This is great news. You and Mike will be absolutely great parents....your little Bambino will be very lucky. I think this site will be so much fun to follow. So...is the sex of Alaskan Bambino going to be shared or you going to make us wait in suspense?

    Uncle Gary and Aunt Patty

  5. Love this!!! Love you three!!