Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wrap it up, to cloth or not to cloth...

So I spent a lot of time researching the best diaper option to wrap our little bambino's bum in and have finally decided in a hybrid method. At home we will use cloth diapers, the all in one kind made by FuzzinBunz. These diapers are one size and grow with the child. They come in a variety of colors and use inserts to wash instead of having to wash the whole diaper every time. We will also use Gdiapers that are similar to FuzziBunz but also allow you to use a disposal, biodegradable insert or a washable insert. The last option will be Seventh Generation non-chlorinated, biodegradable disposable diapers for day care. Most day cares do not allow cloth diapers. We will switch back to the cloth for nights and weekend. The advantages that felt most important to us were the low impact on the environment, healthier for diaper (less diaper rash and hopefully easier potty training), and some cost savings. I have had friends laugh when I say I am doing cloth so maybe I am being naive to think this will work but we have made bigger sacrifices in our lives for our beliefs that just using a cloth diaper so I am holding out high hope. I am always looking for tips and suggestion in this area so if anyone is also doing cloth let me know!


  1. Hey so we do cloth as well. When we first brought her home she was so small we waited a little while before using them, and honestly after doing both I much rather using cloth, so much better for baby, the world, and our pockets!! So we use gDiapers and Bum Genius one size with the snaps. The gDiapers are great because they are super easy during the day. I love the fact that you just have to switch the insert out and you can unsnap the liner and rinse it off if it gets dirty. The only thing I dont really like is that the cloth inserts tend to bunch up. We then use the Bum genius ones at night. The negative thing about those is that you have to wash the whole diaper, but they have a super absorbent layer so that is wicks the moisture away from her skin unlike just the insert, so she’s able to sleep a lot longer and more comfortably they are also able to fit a extra large insert to absorb more. Sense I only use them at night I only needed a couple. Like I said I am a huge advocate for cloth diapers and I guess they can seem overwhelming for some but once you get into a routine the benefits outweigh any bit of extra work involved, which is minimal at best. We had some hits and misses when we first started so if need anything just let us know!!!

    and you looking flippin cute!!!!


  2. You look great!! Love the idea of cloth diapers. Things have come a long way since I used them 33 years ago. Love you three and miss you lots.

  3. You look awesome!! Your baby bump is so cute!