Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My name is.....

So the name game begun for me years ago. I have had my baby names picked out like any true, slightly OCD, planner, and former girl scout counselor (always be prepared!) for years. I have heard all the warning about not telling people your name because they will make comments that could sting a bit....but I am ok with that. You don't go through life with the name Janelle and not hear a few comments. I have always loved having a name that wasn't that normal and loved that my mom named me after my aunt Jane and my aunt Nelle. Marie as the middle name is just a catholic girl thing.

Our daughter will be named Ocoee Dael Fey. Ocoee means In Eastern Cherokee: The place name Uwaga'hi (commonly written Ocoee) means The Maypop or Passion Flower which is a beautiful flowering vine, native to the south eastern United States, is also known as "wild apricot" and is the Tennessee State Wildflower. Passion Flowers are also known as Gulf fritillary butterflies. Dael means from the valley.

So Ocoee Dael would be Passion Flower Valley or Maypop Valley.

The Ocoee River is also my favorite river. It was a deeply spiritual place for the Cherokee. Dael is the feminine version of my brother, Dale's name. He and I are close and it sounded pretty nice with Ocoee, so that worked out well.

My wonderful hubby has been really supportive about my name picks. He just wanted to debated the spelling of Dael. I wanted Delle but he wanted Dael and I figure....what the heck, compromise, right!

So that is the name game. She will be vexed by never being able to find a personalized key chain off the rack but there is very little chance she will have other students in her classes with the same name.

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