Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life is good

We are happy and growing at hacienda Fey. I am feeling the most comfortable I have felt since this whole journey began. We have sold the items in the "lounge" which will now become the nursery and paint swatches will be picked out this week. I have some good friends who are planning a baby shower for me and Mike has some incredible women he works with who have already given us some nice items. I have begun purchasing things here and there as I see good deals. This week I stocked up on Seventh Generation baby wipes as they were 40% love that. I also got the lamp from Target I have been coveting, along with some cute Organic Alaska Starfish company onsies at the farmers market on Sunday.

Only 4 more days until school is out and I can relax and start tackling things on the baby to do list....though the baby class might have to be moved since my hubby is really itching to do some fishing that day.....if I didn't love fresh Salmon I might complain.

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