Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pregnancy is a heavy thing

So pregnancy is a heavy thing, and not only in the emotionally heavy I am going to be a mom and my life will be changed forever sort of way. It is heavy in the sort of OMG I am so heavy sort of way. I weighed while at the gym on Thursday and almost had a heart attack. This number burned my eyes forever. Damn that hubby and his root bear floats! I have since been on different message boards reading how much other women gained and I am feeling a little better. I also got advice from a friend who said she weighed backwards at the doctors and asked them not to tell her. As long as your doctor says your in the healthy range this seems like a great strategy. This is my new plan. And we people ask me what I have gained I will say things like, "A sense of well being" or "A new purpose in life" or some other polite way of telling them to mind their own dang business!

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