Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teaching and growing a pea in the pod

So teaching while growing a baby is very interesting. Middle school students already have problems with boundaries and once I told them I was pregnant, which they in an odd showing of intuition guessed weeks before I spilled the beans, the flood gates of weird and slightly inappropriate comments began. Some of my favorites are:

* "Were you guys hard were you trying."

* "Who is the baby's daddy."- Ummmmm, my husband, lol.

* "You should let us name the baby."

* "Did you know certain positions guarantee a boy."

So there have been lots of laughs and me telling the kiddos that they need to just return to their work. I have relented and let them vote on what the gender will be. here are the standings.

67% believe it will be a girl
43% believe it will be a boy

These results are also suspicious as I noticed most girls voted for a girl and most boys voted for a boy....odd. One student also asked me if she could rub my belly for luck before the track meet.


  1. They are also suspicious because 43 + 67 does not equal 100...someone has been double voting!!!

  2. Hahaha, that is what I get for letting the kiddos do that math! Good thing I am not their math teacher, oh my!