Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me

We are back in Tennessee. After a long over night flight we arrived in Nashville yesterday. Immediately my mind noticed all the differences between Alaska and the south. So different but each has a spot in my story and heart.

Ocoee had a decent flight up. It ease the longest and latest flight she has done. She had one cry spell but otherwise did well. She was a little crabby after we landed because she didn't get her usual 12 hours of sleep.

She loved her uncle Dale almost instantly. She laughed as he did all sorts of tricks to get her to giggle.

Once we got to dales house he took care of her while I napped since I had not slept since the previous day. We had planned a BBQ but I was do exhausted we just did a small family dinner. I was thrilled when an afternoon summer storm rolled in. The sky light up with lightening, crackling across the fields by my brothers house. Thunder rumbled over head. It was a perfect welcome home storm. In Alaska we don't get rain that is heavy, I have never seen lightening or heard thunder there. Ocoee smiled and laughed delighted as well. Dale took her out to stand in the rain and she laughed and smiled. She was a very happy baby.

She also learned something new-she can wave. Not sure where she learned this, but now she waves all the time. If she gets real excited she waves with both hands. At the airport she sat and played waving at everyone. It was pretty dang adorable.

My best friend and roommate from college came over for dinner with her son Owen who is 4. It seems just yesterday she was pregnant. He is such a Boy! We had fun hanging out and Owen showed Ocoee her first dolly poley bug. She also saw her first kitty. She loves animals and the kitty was so soft for her little hands.

After a bath we laid a blanket in the grass and air dried. She had happily plucked grass and enjoyed the warmth.

It is good to be home.


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