Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning

We finally got some Spring Cleaning done around the house! The backyard as of May 4th is officially free of snow....the last little pile in the shade finally melted. We are happy as can be to see grass...even if it is brown. Our dogs on the other hand miss the snow.....see Guiness's expression below.

We also were able to mulch and groom the back yard. It is still too early to plant anything, but it will now be all ready for when I return from Tennessee....where they have been in summer mode for months now.

This year our raspberries will be back, though we trimmed some to make room for the chicken coop. We get tons of raspberries and can around 40 jars of jam for the year and eat lots of fresh ones.

We also have strawberries, rhubarb and lettuce we grow. For decorative flowers I hope my Peonies thrive this year.....people have said it takes about 3 years to get them established and this is our 3rd year. They are popping up already so fingers crossed! The other flower I am in love with is Nasturtiums. It grows like crazy, can be neglected, is big and showy and is edible....cute little flowers for the salads! I am filling all my flower planters with this gem and calling it good!

I am hoping the beautiful tulips that are popping up in my yard will not become moose food again this year. Sigh. Those moose better be glad I am a vegetarian(ish). At least they leave my iris' alone.

Our new chicken coop looks great and the chicks are getting bigger every day. Brodie seemed to think we built it for him and spent some time exploring inside.

The weather is continuing along a ridiculously lovely streak so it feels good to be spring cleaned and ready for the bounty that is summer in Alaska! Ocoee had a great time yesterday sitting outside with her cool sunglasses on watching the trees sway in the breeze. She is well on her way to being a tree-lover :)


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