Saturday, August 18, 2012

The sweet and sour

Life is only sweet to us because we have tasted he sour. I have tasted my share of sour- believe me, but I seem to be too damn hard headed to let it get me down.

I am an optimist. Ocoee I hope gets this trait from me. It allows you to get back up after the world smacks you in the face and say well at least the sunrise and set and I get another chance tomorrow.

All this talk of sweet and sour comes from Ocoee's delight in all things sour. She eats daily non sweet, plain yogurt that is really tart and super healthy for you! She also love pickles and spent a good amount of time sucking on a lime the other day. We seriously had to take it away from her. No funny faces or sour looks. She just chowed down.

And she is the Sweetest thing ever!


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