Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 months!

Ocoee, you are 10 months now. You have really started to explore and learn this last month. You now use a combination army crawl and all four limbs crawl. You love to climb onto things so that you can stand. You can take a few step between my hands and daddy's hands. Sitting down once you are up is the hardest part but you manage. Your appetite comes and oes these days but your two favorites by far are crackers and salmon. Last night we grilled some and you ate half of my portion. You are just beginning to like your purée again after a month hiatus refusing them.

You really dig bath time and drowning mr clean hippo (a gift from captain kraig). This weekend we head out to seward for some fishing so we will see how your sea legs work.

At daycare you like to play with the piano and sleep on a cot already-most babies are in cribs there still.

You weigh about 20 pounds and seem to be filling in a bit after a skinnier spell. Your curls get comments wherever we go and are really getting thick.

You still babble up a storm and sometimes it sounds like words and other times like my friend nancy said it sounds like a radio station out of tune.

Your top two teeth are coming in. One finally broke through during a tough teething spell that was really rough for both of us. You have also had a runny nose for about two weeks along with me and daddy- but we all seem to be getting better.

We love you very much and feel blessed to have you in our world.


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