Friday, August 31, 2012

A little blurry-11month update

Life is seeming a little blurry right now. Ocoee is on the move and constantly exploring. I want to encourage her exploration and curiosity but keep her safe at the same time.

Ocoee is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes. Some are 3t and we size up a lot due to her bulky cloth diapers. She hasn't been to the dr so I am not sure what her stats are but she feels ever in my arms.

She loves to eat finger foods and mostly eats what we are having. She still love yogurt and salmon the best but also is enjoying goat cheese these days.

She can climb up and down the deck stairs and is itching to walk. I you hold her arms she will race around walking with help. She pulls up all the time and can walk around with support from objects. She still sucks her thumb and sleeps like a champ.

She adores shopping. Watching the people and seeing all the new things. I hope she stays this much fun to go to stores with. Riding in the cart is an adventure and I am glad they make straps since she is wiggling as can be.

We did another swim lesson and she enjoys the water. She has been taking showers with us more, and she falls asleep in my arms in the shower often. it is so warm and comfy she just passes out!

Of all the dogs she is head over heels for Love- our old lab who wants nothing to do with her. But Ocoee doesn't seem to notice the disdain on Love's part. She laughs out loud if Love is around and sends most of her food into Love's mouth.

I often just find myself sitting watching her. Seeing her play makes you stop and remember it isn't the fancy things in life a baby needs. Just love, safety and some space to explore.

Enjoy labor day weekend!


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