Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh I wish I were crafty

The teepee above is the one we ordered for Ocoee for her first birthday from Moozlehome. You can order from the Etsy shop!

I wish I was crafty....or more crafty than I am. I really want to make Ocoee a TeePee for her birthday. It fits the theme perfectly (girly camp out) and she loves being in a tent. There are so many tutorials online. The only thing stopping me is time, equipment and lack of crafty skills. I usually just order these things from etsy because then they are handmade...just not by me. But the prices range from $125-250 for a teepee I could make for $40! UGH!

So maybe I am just going to have to transform myself into a crafter. I know all these amazing moms who do cool and beautiful inspiring! I am recruiting my crafty friend to assist me so here's hoping we come up with something....otherwise Ocoee will have to get our northface 2 man backpacking tent to play in....not nearly as cute!



  1. That Teepee looks so cute, shame about the price as I am sure my grand children would love it. They are always making dens, maybe making it themselves is half the fun though. I will have to look into stocking something like this in my shop.

  2. For sure, I think it would be a huge hit...also portable so you could take outside or to grandma's...I have to make one...if I do I will post a tutorial!

  3. We ordered one...look for a review when it arrives and some pictures!