Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lazy Saturday

This week was interesting with Monday off for labor day and Wednesday school closed due to the wind storm. Some how by Friday I was still exhausted. I cancelled my book club plans, made a Caesar salad an flatbread pizza, drank a glass of wine and crashed by 8ish. Maybe earlier. Hubby woke me up around 10 to come to bed.

We had planned on camping this weekend but I just felt like being relaxed and low key. We hung out in the park taking advantage of the stunning fall day and made a fire in the backyard. When the rain moved in we scurried inside to warm heated floors and college football.

Lazy days are a good balance to our go go activities. The one thin I love about winter is that it forces you to cuddle up, chill out and stay put a bit.

Spending all of this relaxed time around the house means we are listening to more tunes. Ocoee's new thing is to dance and shake her head when music comes on. It is funny! She just smiles and shakes her head like a little rock star. We spend so much more time laughing with her around.


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