Saturday, September 15, 2012

Around the world with blogs

Today I read blogs as much as I read the NY times or daily news. The reason I choose to read blogs is because they are on topics I pick and relevant to friends and virtual friends keep me interested and coming back. I keep a running list of favorites on my sidebar but here and two I would like to highlight.

First is TamAgBlog, by a dear friend who literally has lived the most amazing life. She is a role model for me because she squeezes the juice out of life in a way I try to emulate! She was raised in Alaska and has some great Alaskan stories, so drop in and give her a peek.

The other blog is called Teaching Internationally by a good friend and former roomie Sarah Hansen. We still like each other after living adults, with dogs! I admire Sarah because she is following her dream of teaching in abroad and is doing so with style! Her post are honest and intriguing and often involve food (I miss her superb baking skills!).

I now have so many friends on the blogosphere and each have a unique voice and story to tell. Keeping up with them through this very digital and modern way is becoming the new normal and I for one really enjoy having my friends available at the click of the mouse.

Any blogs you want to share?



  1. Thanks for the mention. I love having your blog to keep connected to you and sweet Ocoee too!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I just subscribed again to your blog since I use to get it and then it stopped coming.

  3. You are welcome ladies! Keep writing, love reading them.