Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The one year count down

We are only a few days from Ocoee's one year birthday party. I will do a full post on the party soon. We are excited because Ocoee's grandma from Nebraska will be flying in to celebrate this special day with us. We are planning a small party at home.

Here are some ways I have been getting ready.

The gifts are purchased. I have actually gotten her several birthday gifts that I keep giving to her early because it is too hard to wait. So I made myself wait until this week to stop by my favorite Anchorage toy store, Classic Toys to get her gifts. This toy store rocks...when I walk into the toy section of Target I have no desire to get any of the things....they all seem so commercial and unappealing. But when I walk into Classic Toys I want it all!

Ocoee's big gift is a teepee that I am hoping will arrive before the big day. There will be a whole post on that because it is special and deserves the attention. I picked her up a cool ABC board book from Classic Toys that has all traditional Alaska Native art....very Alaskan and cool. Then I got her a HABA similar to this one on Amazon. HABA toys are very cool and fun designs. I also got her a practical gift, a new pair of roobeez boots. They will be warm and she is actually getting to the age where she will be wearing shoes....we have not bought her any before now.

Hubby was very practical and finance oriented and bought Ocoee stock....I love this idea because it is a gift for her future. I am not sure if he has decided between Amazon and Google yet though. He did all the paperwork and set her up a trust. I am big on putting money away so I also put an extra amount in her account for her bday. If she receives any money as gifts that is where we put it right away.

My inspiration for gifts was this saying: One things they need, One thing the read, One thing they wear, and One thing they want.

What gifts do you give your kiddos ?


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