Monday, September 24, 2012


It has been rainy like crazy in Alaska. The rivers are flooding and the grey skies were becoming a huge downer. Then on Saturday the skies played peek a boo with a little sun and we seized the moment to get to the park for some fresh air.

Ocoee loves to ride in the kelty. She was in full Husker gear since it was a Saturday. Go BIG RED!

 The wind has been blowing like crazy so the leaves are mostly all gone but you can see some color from the birch trees behind us. We live right across from Russian Jack Park and there are literally hundreds of birch and cotton wood trees are uprooted and broken from the storms.

 See the polar booties Ocoee is wearing. I love these because with the velcro they actually stay on and are much easier to get on than shoes. She scrunches her toes and makes it so hard to put shoes on...not that we try much, but once she starts walking we will have to.

Guiness is one of our 3 dogs, she is the youngest at 6 years old. She also loves the park.

 Um, they totally have the same brows and expressions. Kills me!

Ocoee is walking a lot if we hold her hand or she can hold on to something. She sits right down if she can't hold on to something, so we are not sure when she will get the courage up to actually walk on her on....but when she does we are in for trouble I am sure.


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