Monday, July 30, 2012

A string of nice days

In Alaska a beautiful sunny day seems infinite. So this past week when we had a string of sunny, hot (for Alaska) amazing days Ocoee and I took full advantage.

We walked the Chester creek trail with two friends and their kids. We are all doing the lost lake 1/2 marathon so getting 6 miles in on a nice day helped us to prepare. We ended at the peanut farm to enjoy some outside dining while the big kids played happily in the creek that runs along the restaurant patio.

On another day Ocoee and I walked te coastal trail and then met hubby for lunch on the Delaney strip park. We had fresh bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes ( a real find in Alaska), mozzarella, sea salt crackers and in season figs with goat cheese-yum!

I have also been so lucky to have daycare over the summer. Ocoee gets a few hours of play with kids her age, is getting to know her new providers before school starts, and mommy gets mommy time. I have gotten to meet friends for lunch, hike Arctic valley , and work out consistently. It has paid off too- I am 2 pounds from my prepreggers weight. It took about 2 months for most of the weight to come off but the last 10 I have dropped this month by hitting the gym consistently, walking and eating less calories.

Over the weekend the weather was so nice I broke out Ocoee's splash mat we bought for Tennessee and since we have hot water on demand hubby was able to hook the hose up to it via the garage-tadah! An Alaskan pool, all heated and ready to go. Ocoee loved it. I was so warm I wanted to climb on and splash too. She still really likes being in water, as long as it is warm.

We made some homemade figs and goat cheese pizza and hung out in the backyard watching out baby splash, our dogger doze in the sun and out chickens pecking happily. These ate the days that make me feel so lucky to be a teacher with summers off and to live in Alaska with hubby and baby.


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