Sunday, July 1, 2012

A perfect Alaska weekend.

We just spent the perfect camping weekend in Alaska. We drove a little over an hour south in the Kenai- seeing gorgeous views and Dall sheep hugging the cliffs along the way. Found a great little campsite at Bertha creek campground. The glacial creek was polar with locals trying to pan for gold. No one seemed to find much. Brodie on the other hand felt that the entire creek was gold. He loved laying in the icy water. It must have invigorating effects since he acted like a pup again. The waterfall over he creek was beautiful and the sounds made for the ultimate sleep machine.

We woke up early ( or the baby woke us up) and headed for summit lake to try out our new 2 person kayak on the flat water. It was Ocoee's first voyage by kayak and she did well. I wore her in the ergo while mike did the paddling. The kayak glides quickly across the surface and it was a peaceful paddle.

After paddling we hit the near by lodge up for lunch, gobbling down our food and beers while watching float planes land. Ocoee was tired so we all took a nap in the car at the trail hard of Johnson's pass. The sun made the car so warm and sleepy- it was the perfect after lunch siesta.

Once we all woke it was time to hit the trail. Hubby wore the Kelty backpack with Ocoee while we hiked for a few hours. The trail was spectacular. Not steep, lots of pretty creeks and waterfalls and wide open views. We stopped several times to gape at the view.

Ocoee loves the Kelty. She bounces up and down, smiling and waiving the whole time. She babbles and screeches doing her part to stay bear aware. We also found that the tent is a favorite or hers. We are all zipped up and safe so she can crawl and climb all over us. A little slice of heaven for her.

On the way home we stopped in girdwood for sweet rolls from the bake shop. Yum! And my favorite thing after a weekend of camping. That and a long hot shower.



  1. How did you take her in the kayak with you? I like the idea very much!

  2. Well in Alaska the water is super cold and she is at a squirmy age so we had her in the ergo and hubby was in back of the 2 person kayak doing all the work. The ergo kept her strapped in and safe. I wore a lifejackey but the kayak was super stable and water very flat since we were the only boat on it. It worked well and we all had fun.