Monday, July 9, 2012

Cool stuff-baby toy reviews-Eco-friendly

I have gotten quite a few cool things for Ocoee lately. The first things I am really excited are the art supplies from Wee Can Too. The company makes veggie based all natural art supplies. They are literally safe for babies to eat-because we all know that babies will eat everything they touch anyways.

The website at has all sorts of cool art supplies. I ordered the finger paint that is a powder so you can mix small batches and only use what you need, veggie sidewalk chalk made from real veggies and an Easter egg dying kits. I love that they are a small company that parents started to make sure their little one wasn't eating gross dyes.

I also picked up a small pack of markers from whole foods in Portland made by Clementine arts, another Eco friendly art store where I plan on getting some soy crayons soon too. That website is They are Colorado based and have great quality products.

I also picked up a few reusable bags a few weeks ago from our local home goods store,Habitat. The bags are adorable fabric bags that take the place of ziplocks. They can be hand or machine washed and have a waterproof interior much like our big diaper bags for our cloth diapers. The company that makes them is called itzy ritzy and you can find them at or amazon. We use them for travel snacks such as crackers and yogurt bites and the fun colors and zipper makes them very kid friendly.

The colorful tights and pillow sack dress came from Hannah Anderson. Katie and I stumbled across the store while in Portland and I did a little dance of joy right in the street. It worked out perfect because both kiddos were snoozing in the strollers and the store was going to close in 20 minutes. That saved me a lot of money! I stocked up on tights since they are the best quality, ridiculously cute and essential for Alaskan weather. The dress and a SPF swim outfit were on sale and a great deal. The tights also were buy one get one 1/2 off. Love a deal. Katie snagged Eddie some cute dude gear and then we were off for happy hour!

Also below is one of Ocoee's favorite toys, her art flash cards. The colors are rad and sophisticated with lovely art pictures for the animals a-z. Found these at anthropologie in Nashville and love them. Since they are heavy duty cardboard and big Ocoee can easily grab them while we say G is for Gorilla! Anthropology has really fun and different kids stuff that I covet so much!

Also in Portland we visited Powell's book store which is my favorite book store ever. It is the largest independently owned book store in the world and takes up a whole city block. I could easily spend a day roaming it's many rooms. We have made a family tradition of buying books from cities we visit. We found Larry gets lost in Portland and Pete's a pizza at Powells.
Larry is really cool and has many of the highlights of our trip like Voodoo donuts, the Oregon zoo an even the elephant statue I snapped a photo off while catching some shade in a park.

The last new goodie was from Powells as well and ├╝ber cool. It is an alphabet garland upcycled from old kids board books. I strung it along Ocoee's stairs so she can learn her letters using it. One day at least :).

All of these new cool things were really affordable and most were ecofriendly. I feel better about my consumerism when it involves anything green or educational and I can never turn down books!


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