Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strollers in the city

The beautiful sunny long weekend in Portland was a success mainly due to he awesomeness of strollers. Ocoee has a majesty purple Maclaren stroller that we put many miles on this weekend.

When we arrived in the city we met Katie and Eddie at the Marriott and headed out to explore. We found a little bistro that had patio seating in the pearl and our theme was set. We ate every meal outside. Not only was the good for people watching and enjoying the weather but turned out to be very kid friendly as well. Things fell on the ground and Ocoee ate her fair share of fresh ruffage from close by planters. Thankfully Portland has tons of outdoor seating at cafes and brewpubs!

We hit voodoo donuts for a dozen bizarre sugar creations which kept Eddie in good spirits. We grabbed snacks and wine at whole foods hotel friendly chilling. Those that know me know I love to visit whole foods no matter where I am traveling.

The strollers were workhorses at the Oregon zoo when we visited and had a great afternoon checking out all the animals. I felt pretty snobby in the northwest section that had many animals that we find in our backyards in Alaska. Bears-meh, one just ran through my yard. Guess Alaska makes you hard to impress. All joking aside the zoo was really nice. No Omaha Henry Doorly but top notch anyways.

The city of Portland also gets an A plus in my book for their great recycling, lovely parks and fountains as super clean, fast light rail. All make visiting with kids fun and easy.

Ocoee and I squeezed in a little shopping after Katie and Eddie headed to the beach. Now we are riding the redline to the airport. Ocoee is showin off her impressive baby yoga moves that have received many comments all weekend. Several people have also looked longingly at her crashed out snoozing in her stroller, saying that is the life!

The best part of a girls/mommy weekend with the Paniskos is that Katie and I can push the strollers an jut chat. We caught up on each others lives and discussed being moms. Our kiddos got to play and hang out. We burned quite a few calories walking all over Portland which we quickly consumed at lunch and dinner.

Ocoee's eating has changed on this trip. She is over her Ella's purred foods and only wants what I am eating or things she can feed herself. So she ate lots of crackers and yogurt bites. Many ended up stuck all over her stroller but she has really mastered the whole eye hand coordination thing.

Ocoee once again travelled like a champ. I feel really, really lucky she does so well. Part of it because she loves to people watch and traveling is the perfect time to do that. She is quite nosy really. She slept well in the hotel and liked seeing Eddie play.

And now we are off!

Back home to see hubby and enjoy the remainder of summer.

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