Monday, July 2, 2012

Ocoee's 9 month stats

Today was Ocoee's 9 month appt. she weighed 18.15 pounds, is 28 inches long with her head still in the 95%. What can se say, she has some big brains up there.

She has 2 bottom teeth that are almost in all the way. She still only army crawls and has begun to pull herself up to standing. She takes steps between daddy and I so I am thinking she might skip real crawling and move straight to walking. She is in to everything. Her favorite play toys are my keys, the dog bowels and measuring cups.

We have Enjoyed our first full week at home. We have met Kendra and Kathleen for lunch and Ocoee loves to people watch. On Thursday we leave for Portland to meet Katie and Eddie and we are both exited. It will be Ocoee's first trip to Oregon. We will be back in February. I love Portland and beyond ecstatic that it will be sunny and high 70s! That is hot to these two Alaskan girls. Though I have been getting reports from down south of 109 in Tennessee. Oh holy hotness.

This will be Ocoee's 5th airplane trip and I am hoping she will keep being an awesome flyer. She has been staying up later until 7 and sometime even 8 or 9 if we have been doing things. She still sleeps great though is beginning to need less and less.

How on earth did 9 months go so fast. Today we heard at least 5 times- what cute curls! Her hair is getting longer, thicker and curly. Very adorable.


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