Friday, July 13, 2012

Slower pace

Since Ocoee has arrived in our lives we do things at a slower pace. Getting ready to leave the house used to be an epic undertaking when she was little bitty, now it takes longer than just me but not too bad. We have the diaper bag always ready to go and that helps.

My hubby likes to point out that 6 trips in 6 months isn't really slow pace but other than travel we are better at Chilling and enjoying family time than we were as DINKS-double income no kids. And we are planning on scaling back in the travel category this ear since I will be working part time. Even our summer Alaska style has been less hectic. Two summers ago we would be in Homer or Seward fishing on our buddy's boat every weekend. This year we pass up epic fishing trips to just relax and hang out with Ocoee.

We now actually camp just to camp. Not to sleep in a tent in between fishing, hiking or some other adventure. The funny thing is that even my fast paced, adventure driven, restless soul seems happy to just chill.

Soak it all in.

I am already fretting that the first year of her life has buzzed by in such a whirl. How can she have two perfect little baby teeth and want to stand already. A blink ago she couldn't even hold her head up or roll over.

I am glad that we are older and have had time to live it up prebaby because I am ok on missing the adventures because it seems I have this amazing adventure that thrills my soul, right here at home.

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