Thursday, July 5, 2012

All grown up!

Ocoee has come to think of herself as all grown up. She only wants to eat food that she can feed herself and has starting using her sippy cup. She has had the skills to use her sippy for awhile now but has refused because she would rather mommy and daddy hold it-who can blame her.

We have been eating a lot of crackers and Dave's killer bread dipped in puréed foods to feed her. I am proud at her for venturing into this new area of food eating but also worrying she isn't getting enough. There is something satisfying about shoveling tons of peas and spinach into your baby's mouth. Now I sit and sip my tea and watch her pick up her pieces and eat. The dogs also get their share of her meal so she has quite the audience at meal times.

We are off to get ready for Portland. Fly out today around noon. I am excited since Portland is a short flight at a little over 3 hours! Much better than the 9 to get to Tennessee.


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