Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby photos of everyday life

I have switched gears now that Ocoee is mobile and we do more photos of everday life and less photo shoots.  I try to save the photo shoots for the special occasions and snap photos of all the daily activities. These change daily so it is nice to capture them.

Being in the dog bed has always been a favorite. She tries to play with the doggers but really only Brodie has any patience for her. Even his is short lived.

 Another favorite activity is playing in the drawers. We have given her a special drawer in the kitchen for her stuff. She likes to pull all of her clothes from her dresser upstairs...making her room look like a tornado hit it.

In these last photos above she looks so much older to me....she really is a big girl now. Her baby looks is being changed into a full fledge toddler look. Way too fast! Sigh.


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