Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The best laid plans-Thanksgiving week recipes

Last Year at the Cox's for Thanksgiving....our first with Ocoee! She was so little!

I am a planner. Ask anyone you know. I have vacations planned 3 years in advance. I started shopping for Ocoee's one year birthday party when she was 3 months old. When I play amateur psychologist I think it is because when I was young life felt so out of control that now I like to plan so I feel in control.

But I have also learned that I plan and God, Allah or Mother Nature (covering all my bases) laughs. A deep hearty chuckle actually.

So it is with fingers crossed that I plan our Thanksgiving weekend. Today hubby is off early, so he will get Ocoee and do some of the menu shopping. I plan on making early our Thanksgiving pumpkin ice cream pie tonight, along with fish wonton cups (I will use Ahi or cod instead) and crab ragoon for dinner. 

Tomorrow we will head to our friends how to celebrate thanksgiving. Since we are pescatarians (only eat fish, no meat) we will make crab cakes along with Julia Childs garlic mashed potatoessouthwest eggrolls as an app and some good vino from our Napa trip.

The day after Thanksgiving Ocoee and I are heading to the Nutcracker, then we will go out for dinner and head downtown for Santa coming in with real reindeer and the town square tree lighting ceremony. This is all if Ocoee is feeling well...which she currently isn't.  She has a snotty nose, cough and isn't resting well....sigh.

I also hope to break in my new fondue pot after a family adventure of ice fishing......did I mention is has been below freezing. Yep, the girls (cleo, eli and opie....our chickens) are in the garage in a big dog kennel while the really cold weather rages outside. They are good up until it drops below 10 degrees, then it is just ridiculous.

So I am thankful for the luxury of planning but grounded in reality that many things are out of my control. I will report back our success rate. If Ocoee can rally and I don't burn everything we may have chance. 

Oh yea I want to decorate and get a real tree for the first time in Alaska also....

Wish me luck!


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