Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sick baby

Ocoee woke up this morning with a huge blow out. I am able to go to school late one day a week, which came in handy since we had two more blow outs and outfit changes before we left the house. Ocoee usually get diarrhea during teething episodes so I just chalked it up to teething. She wasn't in bad spirits, with a temperature, or not eating so I dropped her off at daycare and warned hubby he might be getting a call.

Sure enough at 3, her daycare called saying she had blow outs and had to go home, which means she is banned for 24 hours. I scrambled to cancel our sitter and head to the performance arts center to exchange our Of Mice And Men play tickets for another date. Since we are subscribers we are able to switch the tickets. I got Nutcracker tickets for the day after thanksgiving instead. I'll take Ocoee and hope it goes well. It will be her first play.

Ocoee still seemed to be feeling ok when we put her to bed. I even commented at dinner, while knocking on wood, at least she hasn't ever thrown up.

Boy did I jinx myself. At 8, bug woke up throwing up. It was the saddest thing ever. Her little face was all covered and she was sobbing her heart out. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to throw up for the first time.

We cleaned her all up and forced some pedialite in her. She was smiling and playing within 5 minutes. Crazy. Still no fever and she is back to snoozing away. I hope it is a quick bug and will pass. She had the first flu shot a month ago and was due for her second in the series tomorrow. I'll have to call and see how that goes. May end up taking her in. I just want to hold her close to me all night and make her feel better. Sick baby is no bueno!!

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