Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween in the snow-anchorage style

So one of the perks of being an Alaskan bambino is that there is almost always snow on Halloween. So kids trick or treat in full snow gear and you can barely see their costumes.

This year Ocoee is 13 months and 1 day old so we planned a full evening off activities. First hubby met me at we daycare for a parade and trick or treating in each room. The kids received healthy snacks and I made mini chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes or her class. If you haven't seen a daycare full of kids in costume your missing out. They are ridiculously cute. One kiddo I saw was dressed as a hamburger, when I said this he corrected me and said No! I am a cheeseburger. Funny and tasty! Our daycare is also where some of our friends go so we got to see their little ones all dressed up. It was packed with parents and was a good time for the kiddos.

We walked a few blocks to humpys for a adult beverage and dinner and them had planned to head to the zoo boo event at the zoo. But Ocoee and hubby were running out of energy and let's face it- that place would have been a zoo! Instead we swung by our friend Nancy's house for a pre-trick or treat gathering. They had decorated the house very spookily and the kids were all decked out. Ocoee loved watching the big kids and playing with their toys. We snapped a few Picts, had a glass of wine and zipped home for bedtime while the others raked in the candy.

Ocoee looked sweet as can be in her flower outfit. I picked it up before she was even born and have had it all this time. Her name means passion flower so it suited her quite well.

Happy Halloween!


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