Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One year stats

Today was Ocoee's one year check up. She weighs 21.7 pounds and was 31 inches long/tall. Her head is still in the 95th % for size. She got 4 shots today and handled it the best. I was so worried so that was a huge relief.

Ocoee is moments away from walking. Today, all of a sudden she started standing on her own, balancing and not touching anything. She will walk all around the house with her woodpecker push toy. But has yet to take those magical first all alone steps.

Ocoee still loves to be held and is getting lots of holding time now grandma is in town. She loves to eat apples even though the apple is bigger than her-she grabs the whole thing from her daddy. She babbles off the chart but no true first words yet.

Her favorite toys are books, especially peek a boo books. She just got a bunch of new books for her birthday so we will have plenty to read. She is now ticklish and laughs out loud. Her favorite foods are still salmon, tart yogurt and a new one annies wheat Mac ad cheese.

A whole new world of baby hood has begun. I am equal parts nervous and excited.


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