Saturday, October 20, 2012

Play time

With Ocoee playtime often involves more household objects and random things like empty toilet paper rolls than toys. Though she is a master block stacker these days and has a bunch of fun toys from her birthday. She loves using her wood pecker walker and cruising around holding on to things but resists walking. I figure she will get to it when she wants to bad enough. She knows how to physically but doesn't see the need yet

She is very cuddly and when she isn't feeling very well she is more tender and wants to be held a lot. She also has a little devilish side to her. She loves to throw things off her high chair and over the railing from upstairs.

I make this funny sound where I stick my tongue out and she loves to imitate this. The result is hilarious.

Watching her silly baby behavior always makes me smile and remember how luck we are to have her.


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