Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Phases

Ocoee one year ago!

Hubby and I are trying to adjust to the new phase that Ocoee is in. Once she hit one she morphed from a baby to a toddler overnight. She has take first steps for both hubby and I. The first one was for hubby during a night of long conferences at school and I missed it! I was devastated that I missed this big milestone. Yesterday though she stood up and pivoted and took a step to the ottoman. I was thrilled. She was nonplussed. 

She could easily walk all over the house is she wanted too. She can stand on her own and loves to push her walker all over. The problem is motivation. Today she is 13 months and simply does not feel the need to walk.....yet. The steps began because she has started enjoying carrying her clothes around snuggled up to her like a blankie or doll. If we give her a blankie or stuffed animal she tosses them aside without so much as a blink of the eye....but her clothes she loves to cuddle.....have I created a clothes horse already?

Since she is carrying her clothes she can't crawl as well and has learned she can take steps and that is easier. I know she is so close to being a real walker. It is exciting but also makes me nervous. I spent the day yesterday making the house more kid friendly and interesting to her. I rotated her toys and gave her a drawer in the kitchen with fun things to play with. We went through the spice rack smelling different spice. The kid like to EXPLORE!

I also want to vent. Ocoee took swim lessons when I was on maternity leave and loved it. The pool was really warm for babies and it was perfect before Hawaii. Since we will be in Hawaii again in a few months I wanted to get her in the pool again. All of the classes available at warm pools are during the day. No weekends or evening. Same for kindermusic. We want these activities for Ocoee but they are only offered for stay at home moms. Mommma and me yoga....daytime only. GRRRR! 

Since we got a few inches of snow last night I think we will sit and carve pumpkins in the snow. Tomorrow is a busy day with a Halloween party at daycare, zoo boo at the zoo and a Halloween party at a friends after. Last year she was only a month old so we didn't do much....this year will be more fun!



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