Saturday, October 20, 2012


Happy October everyone. I love the fall. It means football, hot tea, fires, cozy sweaters and pumpkins. I am totally excited because this year Ocoee is older and can appreciate the festivities. Here below are photos from Grandma's visit for Ocoee's birthday and our visit to the Palmer Reindeer Farm.

Kids in Alaska are so lucky, not only do we have the North Pole ( a city further north than Anchorage; not the actual north pole),  but we also have reindeers. The farm does not make reindeer dogs so these reindeers live for kids petting them and free carrots.

The day we went was cloudy and the wind storms lately had taken most of the leaves away so it was not as pretty as it can be, but we found time for pictures anyway......always time for a photo op right?

 The farm has elk, bison and reindeer. Even though Ocoee was super cranky and tired the whole ride once we got around the animals she was very interested and smiley.

So a disclaimer, the farm does not grow the pumpkins......this was pretty lame I thought, but we bought one anyways. Kinda funny how they scattered the pumpkins in the field like they were growing. I don't think Ocoee minded though.

When it came time to carve the pumpkin Ocoee tried to eat the whole pumpkin several times, and was all over daddy trying to help out. She liked feeding the seeds to the chickens. Pumpkin seeds are like crack for chickens...who knew.

We baked the pumpkin and pureed it for Ocoee's food. We mix it with yogurt and cottage cheese which she devours. She has eaten so much in the last few weeks I really thought she might get a little orange tint.....but heck a girl takes color anyway she can get it in Alaska.


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