Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is for dinner??.....Weekly dinners

My husband and I used to spend lots of time running to the grocery or trying to decide what was for dinner. We finally sat down and came up with a weekly dinner list.

The way the list works there is some flexibility but never the question what is for dinner. I am actually able to plan dinners easier and use the same ingredients in several meals. These means there is less waste, since we use the food quicker and it doesn't go bad. Living in Alaska means the food is already traveling a long ways to get to us so using it soon is a must. We do buy local as much as we can but there is only so much that grows in Alaska.

Here is our weekly Menu

Monday-Egg Night
Sat-Free to do whatever
Sunday-Stir fry 

These are more themes than meals. We have tons of different pizza meals we make. Some use homemade pizza dough, some use store bought dough, lavosh crackers or flat breads. It depends on what we have. We always have a good variety of cheeses and toppings around because they can be used in tacos, soups and stir fry the other nights. We do Monday as egg night because it is easy. Mondays blow.....totally. So to make life a little better we can come home to an easy meals. We do egg sandwiches, egg salad, caesar salad and eggs with grits often. There is variety but structure.....this is me in a nut shell.

This works well for us. Eating dinner together is important. We turn off the tv, cells and sit down together and eat. Ocoee is in her high chair....she usually does not last the whole meal but it is still family time. We can do something easy for most nights or more elaborate if the cooking inspiration hits. We have been on this schedule for 2 months now and I am very pleased with the amount of time I don't spend last minute grocery shopping or looking for ideas. It does save us money as well since we are able to stock up and buy sale items. We are blessed to have a freezer full of wild caught fish but we also purchase local Alaskan shrimp when it is on sale and sometime splurge on Tuna. We eat out from time to time as well.

What are your family meals like? I'll try to post some recipes as well. Tonight is taco night. We are doing shrimp tacos, delicious and full of iron!


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