Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall in the park-Family Photos

We splurged to get family photos this year since it was Ocoee's first year celebration. The photographer, Sugar Six, is awesome and has taken my maternity and Ocoee's newborn photos.

We had to reschedule a few times due to crummy weather and the trees were a bit past their prime, with lots of the leaves being blown away but it turned out pretty great. The best part was we were outdoors and since it was a mini session, it only lasted 30 minutes.

No I am not the type of mother who lets her one year old run around in the grass without shoes.....I am just the type whose daughter is really good and shucking shoes off! She didn't mind the chilly ground on her toes at all.

Ocoee is wearing a dress from jcrew and leggings from target in a thick cable knit.

Here Ocoee has her shoes back on. If you notice us holding her hands in lots of photos it is because we are trying to keep her from sucking her thumb. She sucks her thumb often when she is in a new situation and the photographer was new to her....daddy holding her hands looks cute though.

I love the two above. I wanted our outfits and poses to look like us, casual and laid back. The colors are traditional and look nice against the fall colors. I wanted to look coordinated but not too matchy-matchy, and not overly trendy since that will date the photos quicker.

Looking at the one of me and Ocoee makes me smile. My little girl is growing up so fast. She is very cuddly and loving these days and holding her against me with her head on my shoulder and her body curved into me is my favorite part of the day.

A the real Ocoee comes out! Her laugh face is funny!!!

Mike was told to throw her as high as he felt comfortable....which was not very high...she loves being tossed about though so she was squealing hysterically.

This last one is sorta good....if my hand didn't look like a claw and if Ocoee wasn't pulling my hair. But her smile is perfect in this one so I had to show it.

Now we can be really cheesy and send xmas photos with our family picture on it......because people like pictures better than some Hallmark moment.



  1. I love your photos - you are going to cherish them for a lifetime! Absolutely beautiful family!!

  2. Thanks Staci, don't forget the prize you won! I really want to do them for you guys.

  3. I just found your blog. I love all the Fall pictures! Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Thanks sunshine87us, I know these photos will be wonderful to look back on....she is growing up so fast!