Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yummy- salmon cakes

I have a friend who is in a tough battle with breast cancer and wanted to cook a nice healthy meal for her. No casseroles or other carb laden dishes would fit either of our lifestyles so I made sweet potato salmon cakes with Boursin cream sauce, French green beans with shaved Romano cheese and basalmic glazed butternut squash with almond slivers.

It was beautiful, yummy and enough To feed my friend and my family. Ocoee loved the salmon and sweet potato cakes. I packed the extra batches up and will drop of for my friend tomorrow. Food is comfort, love and nourishment all wrapped up in one. Best thing to give. When Ocoee was born the people who brought food were a huge blessing. I could barely keep up with the demands of a new baby, much less cook.

I don't really use recipes. I just look for a list of ingredients and then Wong it with what I have. The basalmic glaze and almond slivers with the butternut squash were just an idea. And it worked. Roasted in olive oil, green beans were fresh and sautéed in olive oil, cakes were all mixed together with our homemade canned salmon, bread crumbs, sweet potatoes ( steamed and mashed) onion, and baked in our toaster oven with olive oil. Love me some olive oil! It was the best meal we have had in ages. I hope it nourished my friend and helps sustain her during her fight to recover.


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