Friday, November 9, 2012

Big girl-New changes, Montessori bed and stand up diapering

So now that is Ocoee is one year we are beginning a few new parenting practices around the house. The first one is using a Montessori approach to her bedroom. We ditched the crib and placed her mattress on the floor. This gives her freedom to get in and out of bed as she wants within a safe enviroment. The idea is freedom within boundaries. She is a great sleeper and has no desire to be out of her bed....but she is thrilled she can sit on it when in her room. As I sat there with her this morning I thought about how big I felt sitting on this little mattress on the floor and how I was out of scale.....then I realized this is how she must feel with all of our furniture. The next step is to replace our rocking chair with table and chairs that are her size.

There is a great link here to another blog and their approach to Montessori bedroom.

Ocoee also has given up the tray on her high chair and sits at the table without it. We are working on spoon and open cups skills as well.

Since her bed is on the floor she has options of when to get in and out....but her room is completely safe. She has been sleeping and no problems so far. The philosophy is, "Never do for a child what they can fail to do for themselves." Even failure in a safe environment leads to learning.

We are also doing stand up diapering which we read about here. The idea is simple. You change diapers while the child stands up. You talk about pee or poop so they learn the difference. You only use the bathroom at home so they begin to associate that with going to pee or poo. You show them how to flush and let them participate in getting wipes. It is the first step towards potty training. It has been working well and we use cloth diapers. She has an interest in all things bathroom and can stand by herself or holding on to us or the tub, so it was a good time to switch.

I want more than anything to raise an independent, strong capable child. These approaches make sense to me and are working so far.

The next step is to move her books to front facing bookshelves where the beautiful covers are more appealing. I saw a great idea on use Ikea spice racks and paint them for front facing bookshelves. I will pick up a few when we head to Portland in February. Ocoee is changing and it only makes sense that her environment and freedoms change as well.


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