Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend in Alaska

What a blessing four days off with family and friends is! The night before thanksgiving we made Ono fish wanton cups with homemade crab Rangoon. Yum! It was out anti-turkey meal and delicious.

Then on thanksgiving we had the whole day to relax and get ready for dinner. We were able to enjoy our morning tea and time with Ocoee. She is always a ton of fun in the mornings.

Hubby made roasted garlic mashed potatoes and we headed over to our friends the Berg family. There was lots of food and wine. Ocoee loved all the action and attention, especially from 12 year old Kayla who babysits her when we sneak off for date night.

By the time we go home she was wiped and crashed as soon as her head hit mattress.

The day after thanksgiving we headed to the nutcracker play. I was very nervous since she had never been to a play and this was a big time play. He has never even watched a tv show so I was afraid she might be overwhelmed. Hubby dropped us off and we found our seats. I was happy I had chosen 2nd row, aisle seats. We loaded her seat with all of our winter gear and watched the orchestra warm up. Behind us was the lady from our swimming lesson on Monday, another row back was a coworker from hubby's work and her daughter as in front of us was a 3 year old girl who danced 75% of the show.

The performance was magical. The sets and costumes were some of te best I have seen anywhere. Ocoee was mesmerized the entire first act bouncing up and down to the music in my lap while spellbound by the action on stage. I am glad we were so close because she really could see everything well.

After intermission we began watching the second act when Ocoee squirmed from my lap, headed into the aisle and began to dance. For a baby who was barely walking a week ago to walk up the aisle of a packed theater dancing was amazing. She played with the little girl dancing in front of us and if she had better balance I swear she would have taken a bow during the many applauses. I think she thought they were clapping for her!

Everyone commented on how well se behaved. The usher said she was the youngest baby she had seen and the best behaved too! The music and dance were perfect baby charmers and to be honest I was swept away as well. I think this will be an annual tradition go us.

After we were pretty wiped and decide to head home for dinner and skip the Santa sleigh arrival this year. Ocoee was spaced off, with I am sure sugar plum fairies dancing in her head.

Then today we met our friends for ice fishing at Campbell lake. Even though it was cold, Ocoee was bundled and the sun glistened off the mountains. Denali was out and the skies were a crisp winter blue. Hubby pulled Ocoee around in the sled while Kraig drilled ice holes. The guys caught lots of little lake trout while us girls headed home to warmth and prepared a classic Swiss fondue for a late lunch.

I love the easy going fun times of thanksgiving weekend. Here in Alaska many of us don't have family around so our friends have become our family for these special days. We are thankful for them!


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