Thursday, December 29, 2011

A change of scenery

Our view in Anchorage, Alaska

Our view in Maui!

We are home from our Hawaiian Christmas vacation. It was a great trip and over too soon. The pictures show the view have her in Alaska, out of Ocoee's room and then the view we had in Maui.

Bug Bear (that is your nickname this week) did such an amazing job. She barely fussed at all on the plane. I will say first class is worth it when traveling with an infant on your lap. She was such a good sport when getting her diaper changed in those way too small airplane bathrooms. She learned to open her mouth and pop her own ears, since she ate before landing and wouldn't eat during. The feeding did work really well during take off though.

Her favorite part was turbulance. She loved all the bumps and smiled and laughed the whole time. Several people told us how great of a job she did. I was very relieved she traveled well and once we hit the warmth of Hawaii it was all worth it.

I will post more later about the trip, along with pictures.


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