Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First swim lesson

Darling Ocoee, you have inherited my love for the water. Today we had our first swim lesson at Swim Like a Fish, where you...well, swam like a fish. You floated and kicked and put your face under water like a pro.

We have another lesson on Thursday and I hope to snap a photo to add. The pool was a warm 92 degrees, which we both agree, all pools should be. We had the pool to ourselves, and the instructor agreed with your mom that you were the cutest little baby in the world!

You really did love it and I am so happy. For me growing up in the south, my parents just threw us in whatever what was closest, pool, creek, river or lake. I don't remember learning to swim but I don't remember ever not knowing how.

As a lifeguard in college I saw lots of kiddos who were afraid of the water and I never wish this for you. Also in Alaska lots of kids don't learn to swim, despite the fact we have so much water. But the ocean, rivers and lakes here are all way too cold to swim in so indoor pools will be your lot in life unless we are.......in Hawaii!

That is why we are doing the lesson because we leave for our annual Christmas trip to Hawaii on Monday. And a swimming we will be :)

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