Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am just a rookie at this...

Which might explain why today in my first attempt to be super mom...you know one of those crafty, multi-tasking moms who is also wearing real clothes for once...not yoga gear. So off I went to the fabric store to get cute fabric to make a pendant banner for Ocoee's room. I recruited my truly crafty friend to help me pick out fabrics that would match the quilt that said friend made Ocoee. I was also inspired to buy some uber fun scrapbooking paper that was on sale. So far all of Ocoee's ultrasound photos and baby mementos are crammed into a few binders. The next stop was to the post office to mail off a few Christmas presents, this went well until Ocoee and I reached the parking lot.....

This is when my super mom charade fell apart. Hubby called as I was loading bambino into the car and starting the car to get the car warm while I loaded the stroller, and talked on the phone to hubby....obviously multitasking too much....baby was loaded and OH NO! my car child lock clicked...there sat Ocoee in the running car, while I stood in the parking lot....locked out of THE CAR!!
Thank god I was talking on the phone to hubby who was only a few minutes away. He came and rescued us. Ocoee sat in the car the whole time smiling and laughing at her silly mommy who was outside in the cold!

Needless to say my guilt caught up with me and I spent the rest of the evening creating the best dang scrapbook ever. One offsets the other...right?

Oh we live and learn!

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